Le Cordon Bleu Closing

Le Cordon Bleu is shuttering all of its American schools

Le Cordon Bleu, the culinary school where Julia Child studied, will soon close all 16 of its American campuses. Career Education Corporation, which operates the for-profit schools in the U.S., had first announced that they would sell the schools but ultimately decided to shutter them.

The move is in part related to a new federal regulation, "which cuts off federal financial aid to schools where graduates borrow money at high rates to pay for school but earn little after graduation," BuzzFeed reports. A class action lawsuit from former students accusing Career Education Corp. of misleading potential students with inflated rates of job placement after graduation—which the company settled for $40 million—also likely contributed to the decision.

Students who are currently enrolled will be allowed to finish their courses, and the schools will enroll their final batches of students in early January. Meanwhile, the Paris school, where Child studied, is operated separately, so anyone harboring fantasies of following in her footsteps can still hop a flight to France.