Turn Fresh Cucumbers Into A Simple, One Ingredient Edible Shot Glass

Whether it's at a trendy bar or a house party, many of us enjoy indulging in a creative cocktail or unique shot once in a while, however, crafting your own signature beverages can be a bit of a challenge if you aren't usually a mixologist. Nobody wants to serve up a tray of drinks that try too hard or make no sense, so sometimes it's better to put a fresh spin on a classic drink. One great way to do this is to take your shot glass game to new heights by making them an edible part of the experience.

While large drinks served in hollowed-out pineapples or coconuts is an old tiki bar trick, you can apply the same idea on a smaller scale, by making a refreshing shot glass with a simple cucumber and a melon scooper. Simply slice off the ends of the cucumber to create a flat base, chop the vegetable into a few shot-glass-sized chunks, and scoop out the seeds to create a small, edible cup.

Best shots for cucumber glasses

While cucumbers are easy enough to hollow out into a shot holder, you can take some extra steps to jazz them up a little. How about peeling some of the skin off to make them easier to bite into? This also exposes more of the wet cucumber inside, which can be used to adhere a flavor-rim — like salt or spices — to the edge of your cups.

Since cucumbers have a mild taste, there are a lot of drinks you could potentially use them for. A mini margarita will work well, complete with a salted rim. Alternatively, try something that uses cucumber in the drink, like a Cucumber Gin Gimlet, or a scaled-down version of a Valley View cocktail made with cucumber simple syrup, vodka, Aperol, and Lillet Blanc.

While serving up shots in cucumber chunks is not going to make these drinks healthy, it is worth noting that cucumbers are high in vitamins and are a source of hydration, so they may help keep you feeling refreshed longer into the evening as you enjoy your libations.