The 12 Days Of Christmas Just Got Merrier

Introducing the Holiday Spice Flat White

12. Holidays A-Brimming

The Holiday Spice Flat White is crafted to bring the flavors of the holidays to life while maintaining an espresso complexity.

11. Red Cups A-Grabbing

Every Holiday Spice Flat White starts the same way: a partner writing HSFW on the outside of the cup.

10. Holiday Spices Combining

Nothing defines the holidays like the familiar scents of spices like cinnamon, ginger, and cloves—all of which can be found in the Holiday Spice Mix used in our Holiday Spice Flat White.

9. Sumatra Beans A-Growing

A key ingredient of the Christmas Blend Espresso is Aged Sumatra, a bean from the island of its namesake. They are grown without shade and processed using a method that creates smoother, sweeter coffees.*

8. Bean Bags Aging

Once the Sumatra beans are harvested, they are placed into burlap bags and shipped to a special warehouse in Singapore where the humid climate is ideal for coffee aging. For the next five years, the bags are then rotated and flipped twice a year.

7. Ristretto Shots A-Pulling

Ristretto is a shorter espresso pull that differs in taste because it's more concentrated, resulting in a bolder, fuller flavor.

6. Espresso Notes A-Calling

The Holiday Spice Flat White is an espresso-forward beverage designed to complement the espresso notes, not overpower them.

5. Ingredients A-Swirling

An important element of the Holiday Spice Flat White craft occurs when the ristretto shots are poured over the mix and gently swirled together.

4. Whole Milk A-Pouring

Whole milk not only creates a velvety taste composition, but the sweetness helps counter-balance the notes of the espresso.

3. Microfoam Aerating

By aerating for 2-3 seconds, tiny bubbles fold into the milk creating a velvety dense microfoam.

2. Ristretto Cremas Lifting

A proper Holiday Spice Flat White milk pour calls for an exaggerated, pencil-thin stream that penetrates the espresso, further infusing the flavors.

1. Dots A-Topping

The signature dot perfectly punctuates the drink, indicating the espresso crema and spice mix have been properly lifted.

*Christmas Blend Espresso Roast not available in all stores. While supplies last. © 2015 Starbucks Coffee Company. All rights reserved.

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