The Best Host Gifts To Give For The Holidays

Show your holiday party host some love with these 14 gift ideas

They poured Champagne all night and put up with your loud significant other, so the least you can do is give your holiday party host a gift. From a set of literary shot glasses to a vase that doubles as a phone charger, these gifts will have your host giving thanks through the new year.

Cider Mug Candle

It looks like a warm drink, smells like spiced apple cider and will even warm your hands—we just recommend you steer clear of drinking it. At least not until after the wax burns out, that is, when it becomes a perfectly functional coffee vessel., $24

Star Confetti Cutting Board

Cheese is always the real star of the party, so show your appreciation with this maple cutting board that pulls double duty as the basis of a killer cheese plate., $72

Mint Bloom Phone Vase

This multifunctional table topper gives new meaning to "flower power," and is sure to spruce up anyone's desk space., $32

Slice of Heaven Pie Slicer

Revealing the delightful message on the face of this serving piece is a perfectly good reason to have a second (and third) slice of pumpkin pie., $15

Twain Shot Glass Set

There's nothing like a Mark Twain quote to get the party going. And, with a convenient drawstring bag for safekeeping or transportation purposes, your hosts won't even have to remember where every glass in the set is hiding., $30

Cherokee Purple Tomato Shrub

It might be hard to envision breakfast the morning after the big feast, but we're thinking heirloom tomato shrub-spiked Bloody Marys all around (with leftover pie, of course)., $15

Juniper Ridge Campfire Incense

If your hosts light one of these authentic scents, they can go for a walk in the woods, minus the bug bites and poison ivy., $12

Manhattan Rooftop Honey Flight

Explore four different New York neighborhoods with unique honey from rooftop apiaries in New York City. Put some Harlem in your tea, or spread Central Park West on a slice of toast., $65

Chocolate Turkey Family

How do you get a vegetarian to eat turkey? Fill dark chocolate with creamy dark ganache (or peanut butter, in Little Timmy's case) and call it a day—no Tofurkey required., $30

Handmade Wooden Chopsticks

After hosting a meal of Thanksgiving proportions, we wouldn't be surprised if your hosts switch gears to a week of takeout. But, with these handcrafted chopsticks in tow, eating straight from a cardboard container will feel a whole lot classier., $16

"But First, Cocktails" Coasters

Don't let condensation crash the party. Keep your host's coffee table (and sanity) in check with a set of these, printed for guests to rest their cocktails., $12

Cactus Sculpture

There's no need to water one of these miniature ceramic cacti, making it the ideal houseplant for a host who doesn't exactly have a green thumb., $24

"Cheers" Bottle Opener

The celebratory message speaks for itself. Your hosts will think of you every time they pop open a beer, and the shiny, gold coating means never getting lost in a cluttered drawer., $10

Oyster Anatomy Tea Towel

Give the gifts of education and dry dishes, all at the same time. Score extra "best guest" points if you volunteer to pitch in on dish-drying duty., $28