Turn Leftover Stuffing Into A Savory Waffle The Next Morning

Leftovers like stuffing and turkey are arguably one of the best parts of holiday meals. You're probably used to making massive sandwiches with all of the extra turkey and side dishes for lunch the next day. And while sandwiches are a delicious way to use the extra food, we think using the leftover stuffing to make savory waffles is a unique way to make an easy breakfast.

Making the batter for stuffing waffles is rather easy because you will only need the extra stuffing plus one or two eggs, depending on how much stuffing you're working with. The eggs will act as a binder and hold the stuffing ingredients like bread, herbs, and celery together so you can easily form a batter that won't fall apart. But you don't have to stop there; you can mix in other leftovers, like that extra shredded cheese that didn't make it into the macaroni and cheese.

For an easy topping, the flavors of stuffing pair well with seasonal condiments like apple butter, maple butter, or pure maple syrup. But of course, you can always take it further with this breakfast idea and incorporate other leftovers for a complete meal.

Making waffles with leftover stuffing

When it's time to make the waffles, you won't have to put in nearly as much effort as you did with last night's holiday dinner. Simply combine the stuffing with the eggs until you have a thick batter. If the batter is too thick, use chicken broth or stock to thin it out. Next, plug in your waffle maker, grease it with butter or cooking spray, and put spoonfuls of the batter onto the griddle. For reference, an average waffle requires about a half cup of batter depending on the size of your pan. The waffles should be golden and crispy in about three to five minutes depending on your machine.

When your waffles are ready, keep it simple with butter and syrup, or serve it with sunny-side-up or over-easy eggs. The runny egg yolk will be a delicious pairing with the waffle's savory flavors. You can also make it a complete brunch by serving it alongside other leftovers like sliced turkey or ham, mashed potatoes, or spoonfuls of gravy. And if you prefer a sweeter breakfast, serve it with a dollop of cranberry sauce. Any variation is a good way to keep the festivities going and prevent good waste.