Gochujang Sriracha Is Your New Favorite Hot Sauce

This mash up of gochujang and Sriracha is the ultimate hot sauce

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Imagine tomorrow: Fried egg, hot from the pan, crackled around the whites' edges and yolk yet to be burst. It's all a perfect start to the morning—until you run into your usual dilemma: Spackle on sweet, tomato-paste-like gochujang or squirt some vinegary Sriracha?

No need to tear out your hair in making your condiment move anymore: Brooklyn small-batch condiment company MixedMade has the answer, and it's both.

Say hello to the hot honey maker's newest product, Gochujang Sriracha ($10). Casey Elsass and Morgen Newman have been toiling over homemade Sriracha for years; they weren't sure how to bring the product to the already-crowded Sriracha market until one fateful burrito.

"The lightning bolt hit me midway through," Elsass says. "Why not start with gochujang and build upon that rich, complex and delicious flavor but rework it, so it has elements of Sriracha, and it's a squeezable sauce. After a quick test run in my kitchen and a lot of wrestling with the name, Weak Knees Gochujang Sriracha was born!"

Elsass takes tubs of raw gochujang and simmers it overnight with Sriracha's aromatics—vinegar, garlic and sugar—so you get all the honeyed spice of gochujang with the funk of Sriracha.

He likes drizzling his condiment combo into Bloody Marys, but we've tested it ourselves and yielded excellent results with old fried rice, too. Now that's true teamwork.