Seriously Cool Cookware - All-Clad

You don't have to be a top chef to know that great meals require great tools. And while choosing ingredients is at the cook's discretion and whims, stocking up on quality cookware is a non-negotiable.

Set yourself up for kitchen success with All-Clad's sleek new NS1 collection, which is thoughtfully designed with hard-anodized aluminum and rugged non-stick surfaces to help you cook and serve one-pot wonders like this comforting Pumpkin & Chickpea Curry (get the recipe) with less stress and mess.

Your NS1 saute pan will heat up quickly when you fry onions, then add spices like cardamom and turmeric—and it will conduct heat evenly for precise temperature control when you add aromatics like garlic and ginger. And there's no need to worry about burning your hands: The stainless-steel handles will stay cool while you simmer the pumpkin, coconut milk and chickpeas.

Pouring the curry over rice is a breeze, thanks to flared rims designed to eliminate drips. And when you're done, you can throw the pan in the dishwasher (the entire NS1 collection is dishwasher-safe).

Seeing (and tasting) is believing. And when it comes to All-Clad NS1 cookware, the proof is in the pans.