The Best Three-Ingredient Recipes

The best three-ingredient recipes on the internet

We scoured the internet for the best three-ingredient recipes so you don't have to. Use these low-lift (but still delicious) recipes to fool your friends into thinking you spent all day in the kitchen. They'll forgive you once they bite into your homemade chocolate croissant.

① Jonathan Waxman's "holy trinity" of toasted sesame oil, rice vinegar and soy sauce is perfect for everything from marinating meat to stirring into mashed potatoes.

② Let your oven do the work for this shallot confit, a jam-like condiment we love as a sandwich spread.

③ These peanut butter cups use only pantry staples, so you can whip up your favorite sweet-and-salty chocolate treat any time a craving hits.

④ It's easy being green with this minty Grasshopper cocktail, which doubles as a boozy dessert.

⑤ Nobody has to know that these mini chocolate croissants didn't result from hours spent rolling homemade laminated dough.

⑥ Every day's a nice day for a White Russian when it's this easy to make.

⑦ In this no-bake icebox cake, cookies and cream meet the friend they never knew they were missing: Kahlúa.

⑧ You might think a biscuit couldn't possibly be the same without shortening, but this fluffy coconut oil version will change your mind.

⑨ If you're willing to up the ingredient count to four, these peanut butter cookies would be perfect for jam sandwiches.

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