Get To Know 25 Of Japan's Best Snacks With Fanny Chu's Poster

Get to know 25 of the best Japanese snacks out there with Fanny Chu's poster

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Pork-stuffed gyoza, little rice triangles wrapped up in nori and grilled chicken skin on a skewer? Yeah, Japan's snack game is on point. The country's street stalls, supermarkets and bars offer some of the most exciting snacks we've ever come across—and there is a lot to choose from.

To help the uninitiated, avid snacker and graphic designer Fanny Chu designed a handy poster of 25 snacks to know and love. Graphics of small bites like unagi kaba-yaki, or grilled eel with sweet soy sauce; tai-yaki, or fish-shaped waffles stuffed with red bean paste; and omu-rice, a rice-stuffed omelet topped with ketchup, are accompanied by their name in both English and Japanese with the main ingredients listed below.

Despite her devotion to snacks, Chu's first love is actually ramen. She designed a similar poster, focusing on 25 varieties served around Japan, which she funded through Kickstarter a little while back. And just like last time, the snack poster is on Kickstarter. But since the project is now fully funded, $21 guarantees snack fans a copy of the poster and a thank-you note from Chu.

Get yours now, because that omu-rice has your name all over it.