We're Crushing On Blogger Molly Yeh's 2016 Cake Calendar

Blogger Molly Yeh's sweet cake calendar is the perfect way to mark time

We're pretty obsessed with This Thing Now. Here's how to get it into your life.

If you're into the Instagram food world, you probably already know all about Molly Yeh and her sweet dream of a life on a farm in the Midwest, her creative riffs on dishes from her Chinese and Jewish upbringing, and best of all her whimsical cakes that make us wish we were still eight years old and allowed to pick out the birthday cake we wanted Mom to bake. (If you're not acquainted with Yeh, we seriously suggest you block off some time to check out her blog.)

Yeh's been busy plugging away at her book, Molly on the Range, which should come out late next year, but she managed to put aside some time this fall to make a cake calendar ($35). Yes, a cake calendar—and it's delightful.

For the project, Yeh teamed with printer Brown Parcel Press and artist Megan Fowler to create the seasonal calendar complete with recipes and illustrations for her chocolate macaroon and orange buttercream frosting cake (winter), strawberry basil mini cakes (spring), rosemary pony cake with blackberry preserves and mascarpone frosting (summer), and funfetti cake (fall). So in the words of Yeh, "Cue the music! Cue the disco ball! Cue being able to have your cake and eat it, too."

Amen to that.