The Pineapple Cocktail Tumblers From W&P Design's Pineapple Co.

These pineapple-shaped tumblers are the perfect addition to your home bar

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We all know that the best way to greet houseguests is with a killer cocktail in hand. Now you can up your entertaining game by serving your carefully crafted drinks in these gorgeous, pineapple-shaped tumblers from Brooklyn-based The Pineapple Co. by W&P Design. Pineapples are, after all, an international symbol of hospitality.

W&P cofounder Josh Williams says The Pineapple Co. was born out of a love for vintage cocktail accessories: "About a year ago, I came across a brass pineapple candleholder from the 1970s that was the perfect size to hold a cocktail. We repurposed it for a recipe on our Mason Shaker Instagram cocktail series, and people absolutely loved the pineapple. We couldn't find a good place to buy brass pineapple tumblers, so we decided to create The Pineapple Co."

Available for $29 each, the two-part tumblers are hand-polished and come in gold, silver and copper, giving you a chance to mix and match with your own kitchenware collection. If you're a sucker for all things pineapple related, go all out and also get a large tumbler ($99 each, comes with a straw) or a set of The Pineapple Co.'s mini pineapple shot glasses: a perfect combo of elegant yet party-ready barware.

Preorder the pineapples today, and they'll be shipped to your door the week of October 19, just in time to get you through the impending chill of fall with tropical vibes in mind.