Online Wine Classes For Wine Lovers Through Journee Kickstarter

Build your wine vocabulary with Journee's online video library

We're pretty obsessed with This Thing Now. Here's how to get it into your life.

Not all subscriptions are good subscriptions. Untouched magazines piled up by your front door. Monthly sock delivery (yes, it exists). But Journee, an NYC-based club of chefs, restaurateurs and wine experts focused on sharing knowledge across the industry, has a good one: online wine classes.

The Kickstarter campaign is nearly funded for Journee's Netflix-like library of wine education-focused episodes led by master sommelier Richard Betts and self-taught wine educator Carla Rzeszewski. Priced at a little over $10 a month, the interactive courses teach you how to taste and describe wines from more than 30 regions. Filming is just now starting; the first class stars James Beard Award-winning somm Rajat Parr, and after that, Journee is rolling out beer and spirits courses.

However, the campaign isn't fully funded yet, so if sipping wine in your pj's while binge-watching The Mindy Project is a regular occurrence, you know where to go.