Fine Dining For Furry Friends

Treat your pet to custom five-star meals

You eat wild-caught salmon and free-range chicken. And now your feline and canine friends can, too, with gourmet, made-to-order meals from Petbrosia.

They carefully source ingredients from small family farms in the Midwest to ensure everything is fresh, flavorful and nutrition packed. Just fill out a quick questionnaire to get a unique, custom blend for your dog or cat based on its breed, age and other factors—delivered directly to your doorstep.

Give it a try with an exclusive offer for Tasting Table animal lovers (and their furry friends): Get a free gift when you purchase a Custom Recipe or Transition Blend (10 or 20 pounds) or try a taste for just $4.95—shipping is free!

While you may not be able to add your pup or kitty to your dinner reservation, you'll both be noshing top-notch with Petbrosia.