Edible Schoolyard And Everlane Chef Tote Bags

Support food literacy with a chef-sponsored stylish tote

We're pretty obsessed with This Thing Now. Here's how to get it into your life.

April Bloomfield wants you to know your pig.

She also wants you to tote that knowledge around over your shoulder. To help support Edible Schoolyard NYC's fall expansion, clothing purveyor Everlane has teamed up with Alice Waters's food education program to create limited-edition chef tote bags. Both companies are all about transparency—Everlane with its clothing and accessories, Edible Schoolyard with food—and all proceeds go toward educating children and helping them eat better.

They've also partnered with five nationally acclaimed chefs, Bloomfield included, who share a passion for knowing where their ingredients come from. They want people to feel more connected to their food—which is exactly what Edible Schoolyard is committed to doing. Each bag honors a chef's cooking style; Tartine Bakery master Chad Robertson's bag, for example, instructs you to "know your grains."

The durable canvas bags are ideal companions for trips to the market and bakery—or for whenever you feel like sporting a fish pun, if you "know your sole" like Camille Becerra. Read all the participating chefs' stories on the Everlane site. Plus, when you purchase one, you'll also get a delicious recipe straight from the chef's own bag of tricks.

They're just about halfway to their goal of $50,000, so order yours now and help them put this one in the bag.