Sparkle And Dine

Start your night with Ferrari Sparkling Wines

The wine and food cultures of Italy are intimately linked, and memorable cocktail hours filled with friends and family are a daily practice.

When Italians say "Let's have an aperitivo," they're referring to this predinner ritual of small bites, good company and exquisite wine. Recreating an Italian aperitivo in your own home is easy, and begins with a bottle of Ferrari Trentodoc.

Don't know where to go from there? Ferrari has mapped out the perfect aperitivo, like matching savory prosciutto with the classic Brut or sidling fresh tuna up to the irresistible Rosé. Discover all the traditional Italian pairings.

Known for their excellence and unique Trentino mountain terroir, the Ferrari winery was the first in Italy to produce sparkling wine using Chardonnay grapes and the traditional method since 1902. Today their crisp, elegant wines are the toast of choice throughout Italy.

With Ferrari, you can experience the Italian Art of Living in your own home—no passport required.

Discover the cool climate and mountainous terrain of Northern Italy and learn how Ferrari Trentodoc Sparkling Wines have turned the Chardonnay grape into a polished collection of bottled Italian traditions.

Pair classic prosciutto, like Prosciutto di Parma or San Daniele, with fresh mozzarella while you sip a glass of effervescent Ferrari Brut Trentodoc. The sweetness of the cheese and cured ham is balanced beautifully by the fresh, crisp Brut.

Enhance a simply delicious plate of fresh tuna and handpicked tomatoes with Ferrari Rosé Trentodoc. Add a drizzle of Italian olive oil to harmonize perfectly with the light tannins of the wine.

Crispy grissini wrapped in thinly sliced prosciutto are the classic Italian aperitivo alongside a pour of golden Ferrari Perlé Trentodoc. This aged vintage wine has freshness and elegance that make it destined for rich meats.

Introduce a plate of warm, melty mozzarella in carrozza to Giulio Ferrari Riserva del Fondatore, aged to perfection over 10 years. This impressively complex and refined wine, named after the winery's founder, is an impeccable match for every cheesy bite.