Toast To The West Coast

Attend a Coastal California Food & Wine Festival at Terranea Resort

Pro tip: When tasting wine, heighten your whole experience by seeing, hearing and feeling the beauty of your surroundings.

Try that technique firsthand and indulge your senses all day on September 26, as Terranea Resort hosts its second annual Celebration of Food and Wine. The event kicks off with a cooking demo by executive chef Bernard Ibarra and a four-course lunch celebrating "Farm-to-Terranea"-inspired dishes with ingredients grown in Terranea's own garden and harvested from the local land and sea. After that, sip your way up the West Coast via four expert-led seminars: Wines of the Central Coast, Oregon and Washington, presented by the resort's sommelier and the winemakers themselves, then a toast to the Bubbles of the World. 

All that learning is bound to make you hungry—just in time for the Grand Tasting, a sunset feast starring some of the West Coast's most celebrated wines and dishes from Terranea's award-winning restaurants. You'll get the full California coastal experience with freshly caught seafood, Cali tacos, homemade cheese and honey from the resort's own on-site hives, and more. It's all enhanced by additional wines to sample. Pick up your complimentary gift bag and purchase any (or all!) of your favorite bottles to take home.

Buy your ticket now and get ready to join fellow food lovers in a daylong salute to beautiful scenery and distinctive cuisine.