Support Sunday Suppers' ILĀ Spice Pantry Line On Kickstarter

Stock up on salt and olive oil with Sunday Suppers' new line

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You may be familiar with the airy, bright and downright delicious-looking dinners Karen Mordechai throws with Sunday Suppers, her Brooklyn-based monthly supper club. But you probably don't know that the bit of salt she uses to finish off one dish is a little-known flake from Cyprus, a staple in her kitchen and soon, hopefully, yours.

"Sunday Suppers is built upon good food and the importance of a shared meal," Mordechai explains. "With time, our Sunday Suppers larder filled with a collection of essential ingredients. We found an appreciation for ingredients in their simplicity, learning that using ingredients of the best quality elevates your cooking in the most organic way possible. So we decided that ILĀ would be a way to share these ingredients with our community."

ILĀ, sanskrit for a woman's name, earth and beauty, is Mordechai's new collection of salts, oils and spices, sourced from all over the world. The line, now almost halfway funded on Kickstarter, consists of maple syrup, wildflower honey, olive oil, nine different spices and five varieties of sea salt. Each product has a story, from the handpicked and same-day pressed olive oil from Córdoba, Spain, to the hand-harvested black lava salt from Molokai, Hawaii.

"Our intention is to bring together utility and beauty and, hopefully, inspiration," Mordechai shares. "We look for ingredients that are both everyday essentials but also those that add a nuance to your cooking."

But she's not stopping there.

"We plan to thoughtfully grow the collection, adding elements to the essential pantry, but also thinking more about the extensions of the kitchen into the home—ceramics and linens are very exciting for us as well," Mordechai says. "But we plan to go slowly and thoughtfully with each category."

Just as we expect—and excitedly await.