The World On A Plate

Give a taste of global fare with Try The World

There's a delivery at your friend's (or colleague's or paramour's) door. You're whisking him or her off to an international destination, and he or she can say yes, oui, , ja without having to leave home—or you having to dig up your passport.

With a Try The World subscription, every two months your lucky recipient will discover the gift of gourmet, curated treats that make for an edible journey. Not only is there a delicious box of goods, but also suggestions for cleverly paired movies, recipes and playlists for hosting a worldly dinner party or a night in with a fellow adventurer (maybe you!).

Take advantage of a world-class special offer for Tasting Table readers: Sign someone up for the gift of a Japan box, and he or she will also receive the signature Paris box, brimming with chestnut cream and fleur de sel.

The focus country is always a delectable surprise, so your recipient will never know if the box holds brigadeiros or bonbons. This month, subscribers said konichiwa to a curated box of Japanese goods (think: soba noodles and seaweed snacks), but who knows where they're headed next.

It's like buying someone a trip on a private jet with anything but plane fare—and plenty of room to stretch out those wings.