Buy Mariko Kitano's Brass Teaspoons Online From Nalata Nalata

Be the best guest by giving these quirky Japanese teaspoons

We're pretty obsessed with This Thing Now. Here's how to get it into your life.

Even if you've beelined for the dirty dishes in the sink or tidied up the room so it's better than before you arrived, you should never show up at a friend's house empty-handed. So what do you give the gracious host who's invited you over for a feast or turned her bright, airy home into a mini B&B with you as the sole guest?

We're partial to these delightful teaspoons made by Japanese jeweler Mariko Kitano ($38 each), which we'll be giving as host gifts all summer long. Their super-modern look doesn't take itself too seriously, with adorable figurines stacked atop the long handles. Kitano takes inspiration from nature for her work, and, here, she casts in brass a cluster of buds, futaba sprout, minimalist bird and the cutest acorn for her tiny teaspoon figurines.

The spoons are perfect for stirring a cup tea or dolloping jam onto the morning toast your host is so quick to lay out. Who's the thoughtful one now?