Aussie Style

Choose beef with an Australian accent

When it comes to beef, the land down under is mooving up.

Grass-fed beef from Australia is crossing the international date line to score a place at your dinner table. Amp up your meal with Aussie Beef's free e-cookbook of 20 delicious recipes, like smoky rib-eye steaks with loaded mashed potatoes and honey-chipotle glazed flank steak.

Australian grass-fed beef is consistently available year-round, due to abundant sunshine and plenty of pastures. Plus, the company is committed to environmental sustainability, giving you even more of a reason to buy Aussie.

Thanks to its high protein and low fat content, grass-fed meat requires less cooking time, meaning you'll tuck into skirt steak tacos and beef kebabs without delay. For best results, bring your beef to room temperature and use high searing temperatures before cooking, so you hit the perfect medium-rare every time.

Fire up the barbie and get stoked for dinner.