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A magazine that combines food and gay culture

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Men who love food, and men, get ready for the launch of Jarry, a new magazine exploring the intersection of food and gay culture.

Of course, these particular subjects have a long history together. Gay men have been shaping America's food culture for decades through the contributions of culinary icons like James Beard, Craig Claiborne, Sandor Katz and Jeremiah Tower, to name a few.

The biannual magazine is set to serve as a platform for "gay chefs, eaters, artisans, writers, photographers, artists and industry influencers, and celebrates the art of gay domesticity." Jarry will highlight the gay community's contribution to the food world by celebrating the culinary pioneers of the past, present and future. (Full disclosure: Watch the video in the link below to spot yours truly.)

The publication, which will cost $20 per issue, has a Kickstarter vying to raise $25,000; with less than a week left, it's already at $23,000.

Finally, a magazine dedicated to men who love men who love food.