Download Tender App, A Digital Cookbook For Your Phone

Swipe right if you're into this recipe-collecting app

We're pretty obsessed with This Thing Now. Here's how to get it into your life.

I'm married, so I never fully explored the wondrous world of Tinder. However, I got my chance to creep, judge and swipe away friends' potential suitors when my bridesmaids were in town for the wedding, and I gotta say, I understand its simple appeal.

Fortunately for those of us in committed relationships, there's now an app that has all the swiping joy and match-making magic of Tinder but a whole lot more deliciousness (and, yes, I do mean that literally). Enter Tender (free on iTunes and Google Play), a Tinder-like mobile app that collects all your favorite recipes in one digital cookbook on your phone.

You flick right to save recipes that catch your eye or throw your finger left to toss meh dinnertime suitors. And like the pioneering app, you can filter your search for the perfect dinner, selecting recipes by course, main ingredient or dietary restriction.

Finally, here's an app that everyone can swipe right on.