Lured In By The Loire

Muscadet and seafood are the perfect match

Get the glasses: It's maritime for wine.

Loire Valley Wines' Muscadet region is so close to the Atlantic the grapes are practically swimming. Their floral white wine has a lively mineral quality reminiscent of the salty ocean water, making it a perfect choice for a seafood soiree.

With some vineyards even located right along the shore, it's only natural that the wine works so well alongside mussels, clams and fish. Try these recipes with a bottle of crisp Muscadet for a seaworthy cocktail hour:

Give oysters the bacon treatment and serve them on the half shell with buttery bread crumbs and grilled leeks.

Top rounds of halibut carpaccio with thinly sliced radishes, summery stone fruit and a citrus seasoning paste.

Let sardines shine in this open-faced sandwich topped with smooth crème fraîche and sweet-and-sour onions.

Buy a bottle of Muscadet and you'll reel in the rest of summer hook, line and sinker.