The World On A Plate

Get a taste of the globe with Try The World

There's a delivery at your door—someone's ready to whisk you off to an international destination. And you can say yes, oui, sì, ja without having to leave your home.

With a Try The World subscription, every two months you'll receive a box of gourmet, curated treats that takes you on an edible journey. Not only will you be delighted by delicious goods, you'll also find suggestions for cleverly paired movies, recipes and playlists for hosting a worldly dinner party or a night in with a fellow adventurer.

Take advantage of a world-class special offer for Tasting Table readers: Sign up for a Japan box and also receive the signature Paris box, brimming with chestnut cream and fleur de sel.

The focus country is always a delectable surprise, so you never know if you'll find brigadeiros or bonbons. This month, subscribers said konichiwa to a curated box of Japanese goods, but who knows where they're headed next.

It's like boarding a private jet with anything but plane fare and plenty of room to stretch your wings.