Buy Sfoglini Limited-Edition Mint-Flavored Dried Pasta

Upgrade your summer pasta salads with mint-infused noodles

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Bow tie or macaroni? The age-old pasta salad dilemma has now been resolved—and the answer is neither, thank you very much. My next cold salad will be made with this game-changing noodle: Sfoglini's mint cavatelli (two bags for $20).

Grassy and delightfully chewy, the ear-shaped pasta holds up to mayo-heavy dressings, crunchy vegetables and whatever else your signature summer salad commands. Plus, that infusion of freshly puréed New Jersey mint into the durum semolina and a slow dry lasting between 24 to 36 hours both help to crank up the zippy mint finish.

However, Sfoglini co-owners Steve Gonzalez and Scott Ketchum didn't necessarily intend for their limited-edition seasonal noodle to be used for pasta salad greatness.

"In Sardegna, they have few dishes featuring malloreddus, a saffron-infused cavatelli, which is simply prepared with mint," Gonzalez, a Vetri vet and chef behind the pasta operations, explains. "So I fused the two together."

However, we're pretty sure Sardinian nonnas and stateside picnickers alike will be into it. And next up for the team? Ruffled basil-flavored reginetti—which will be perfect for late summer's haul of tomatoes.