A Whole New Brew

Kept cold just in time for summer

You could do a lot in 20 hours this summer: wash the car, do the laundry, pay the bills, maybe even sneak in some quality lounging time. For Starbucks, 20 hours means one thing: Cold Brew Coffee.

That's how long it takes for Starbucks to make one batch of their new, boldly flavored, subtly sweet cold brew blend. It's kept cold from the grounds to your cup, so the flavor can be extracted over time at room temperature rather than with heat.

This cool process makes the drink less acidic than average iced coffee, giving it a smooth, drinkable finish that's perfect for quenching summer thirst. Plus, the custom blend of Latin American and African beans is meant to be consumed on ice, making it truly a drink best served chilled.

But good things come in small packages. It's crafted one batch at a time and served until it's sold out for the day—so stop by your neighborhood café early to pursue the brew.