Rock On

Your private chef cheat sheet

Private chef (n): Person who works behind the scenes to make you look like you were born to entertain.

Always wanted to hire one but don't know where to start? You're in luck—Tasting Table has partnered with Forevermark to answer your most pressing questions with A Chef for All Occasions. Think of this as your cheat sheet for dinner party dominance, complete with:

• A little black (virtual) book of the best private chefs across the country.

Pro planning advice on how to seat people for optimal conversation.

• Mouthwatering menu inspiration (think: tender, braised lamb shanks and sophisticated ice cream sandwiches).

Just as your new private chef sources only exceptional ingredients, Forevermark goes to the ends of the earth to handpick the most inherently exquisite, responsibly sourced diamonds. The hard work has been done for you—all you have to do is enjoy the best of the best.

In the end, less than 1 percent of the world's diamonds are eligible to become Forevermark. Kind of like your dinner party guest list.