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What it's like to be married to a food photographer

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Imagine sitting in New Orleans's Café du Monde, a plate of freshly fried, world-famous beignets before you. The outside crust is golden, crisp. The powdered sugar has the delicate look of a light winter snowfall. And you're ready to dig in while they're hot. But you're not allowed to eat them yet. You have to wait.

This isn't a bizarre social experiment: It's what life is like for Eric Frishman, the blogger behind the Tumblr account Waiting for It. Since 2013, he's been documenting what it's like to be married to Boston-based food photographer Brian Samuels. (Hint: It involves lots of waiting.) After a few hand-modeling stints, Frishman decided to occupy himself in other ways.

Samuels is self-taught when it comes to photographing food, which he's now been doing professionally for three years after a restaurant discovered his blog. And though his work has been featured by the likes of The Boston Globe and The Wall Street Journal, Samuels has a strong affinity for the freedom that smartphone photography allows. Clearly, Frishman shares this feeling—he also shares his updates via Instagram.

Sometimes Samuels whisks a dish away to the opposite side of the restaurant (for better light, of course), giving Frishman a laugh and raw blogging material. He's also been known to make a whole group of friends wait: Frishman recalls one time where, "I got a shot of them taking a picture of me taking a picture of him. Very meta." The couple, who have been married for six years, also takes their act on the road. They've spent time in Austin ("We did a lot of damage there") and New Orleans (with a stop in Miami along the way), and have more travel plans coming up.

Although Frishman is just poking fun at his photo-happy husband, Samuels is thoughtful about the situation. He snaps away guilt free when they're at home (he cooks the meals, so he calls the shots), but Samuels does feel bad when they go out to eat. To compensate, he gets Frishman involved by tasking him with fork- or cocktail-holding duty, and if he's feeling particularly generous, gives him a glass of water to sip while he waits. But in the end, the pair does what they do best—share good food, drinks and each other's company.