Summer Grubbin'

Follow Smorgasburg downtown

Uptown for what? This summer you'll be singing the downtown funk.

This season, Smorgasburg is docking at the Seaport District, where there's sun, salty breezes and delicious treats from eight of your favorite food vendors, plus a full bar (read: your new happy hour haunt).

And unlike Smorgasburg's weekend stints, this alfresco snack-a-thon is open all day, every day.

Sure, you can sail over to Elmhurst for great Filipino food, Red Hook for BBQ or Midtown East for hidden Japanese gems. Or make your culinary commute a bit easier by just heading downtown where Smorgasburg has gathered the flavors of the city all in one place. Belly up to these knockout dishes:

 Check Ramen Burger off your bucket list when you sink your teeth into prime ground beef patties sandwiched between fresh ramen noodle buns.

 Celebrate the smoky flavors of Central Texas with Lonestar Empire's slow-smoked brisket sandwiches doused in their signature BBQ sauce.

 Crunch on Filipino-style spring rolls or spoon up hearty rice bowls from Lumpia Shack. Pro tip: Don't miss the halo-halo.

Clearly, it's time you eased on down to the Seaport.