GENUINE Superette Juices Made With Cocktail Ingredients

Barman extraordinaire Eben Freeman mixes cocktail ingredients into virgin drinks

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A preponderance of cold-pressed juice joints constantly reminds us we should be guzzling fruits and vegetables on the regular. But New York barman Eben Freeman, director of beverage and business development for AvroKO Hospitality Group, is bored by the same old juice combos.

At Downtown newcomer GENUINE Superette, he makes zippy blends daily, like the Emerald, with kale, celery, cucumber, fennel and apple, and the Ruby, which blends beet, Fuji apple, parsley and lemon. Sounds pretty straightforward, right?

The difference is that Freeman amplifies each of his nonboozy creations with ingredients typically found in cocktails. Oleo saccharum, the sugar-citrus combo once a staple of vintage punches, brightens the aforementioned Emerald; Angostura bitters deepens the Ruby. Completing this unconventional quartet is the ginger shrub-laced Copper (carrot, orange, parsnip, turmeric and lemon), as well as the Gold (pineapple grapefruit jalapeƱo cilantro and lime), which is buoyed by tiki essential falernum.

Such a forward-thinking twist on these everyday liquids is a no-brainer for Freeman, who's been playing with experimental libations since his days behind the bar at Wylie Dufresne's dearly departed wd~50. For those guests who'd rather a sip of the hard stuff alongside their grilled shrimp tacos, Freeman can also transform his juices into cocktails proper.