How To Use Lemon Juice To Keep Avocados Green And Apples Fresh

Use lemon juice to keep cut produce looking good

The hack: Keep cut produce brighter for longer with lemons.

How to do it: Produce like artichokes, avocados and apples that are prone to browning but need to be cut ahead of time for prep can pose a problem. Fret not—a little lemon can go a long way toward keeping fruits and vegetables looking crisp. Just toss precut fruits in a little bit of lemon juice and place them in an airtight zip-top bag.

Why it's worth it: Not everyone has the time to cut things à la minute. Save yourself the stress of chopping and cutting in front of guests by preparing everything ahead of time.

Tip: Vegetables that are more robust but prone to browning faster (like artichokes) should stay in water with lemon juice. Cut-ahead items should be kept in airtight containers—it's contact with oxygen that does the dirty work of browning fruits and vegetables.