What's For Dinner: Barbecue Sauce With Fried Chicken And Farro

Put homemade barbecue sauce on fried chicken and farro salad

Not feeling inspired by your usual dishes? Here's what's for dinner.

May is almost over, and summer is coming in hot. Now that you've spent all month learning tips and tricks for the grill, you'll need some barbecue sauce to go with all that smoky meat and charred vegetables. The best thing about barbecue sauce is that it makes any food taste fresh off the grill, whether or not it was actually cooked outside. Get our recipe for a quick, easy homemade sauce that you can make to pour all over tonight's dinner.

① Condiment: Barbecue Sauce with Cumin and Ginger

Our version is a versatile tomato-based sauce that tastes great on everything from grilled corn to smoked meat. And it goes from spice grinder to sauce in less than 30 minutes, so you can make it tonight and use it right away. Any leftovers can be used as a marinade for this weekend's cookout.

② Main Course: Ginger Karaage Chicken

You could just eat it all with a spoon, soup style, but chances are you'll want something solid to go along with your freshly made sauce. The garlic and ginger make it the perfect accompaniment to the spices in Michael Anthony's fried chicken. Dip away.

③ Side Dish: Farro with Cucumbers, Za'atar and Ricotta Salata

Barbecue sauce moonlights as a thick, spiced salad dressing. This farro salad is cool and refreshing on its own but takes on new meaning when zinged up with the sauce's smoky notes.