This Thing Now: Yeti Limited-Edition Seafoam Cooler 2015

Pack your picnic in this heavy-duty, handsome cooler

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Any acquaintance of mine can tell you my feelings on roughing it (super not into it). I'm a creature of comfort who delights in air-conditioning, enclosed sleeping quarters and electricity.

So in the Venn diagram of outdoorsy types—fishermen, hunters, adventurers of that ilk—and me, there's really only area where we overlap: a high premium on ice.

Naturally, we diverge at our reasoning, and I'm really just looking to keep my bourbon slush, giant Italian sandwich and mango-chile ice pops chilled for a jaunt to the beach now that the weather's warming up. But the Yeti folks have assured me that not even two grizzly bears could dent this hard-core hardware, so I'm pretty confident it will be safe against flying beach umbrellas and the occasional curious seagull.

And remember, there's only one place that those outdoorsmen and I cross over, and it is not practically. So the boring white or glaring red of so many coolers will not suffice. A subdued seafoam green, however? Very into it.