Buy Momofuku's Gochujang-Spiked Ssäm Hot Sauce

Add Momofuku magic to your eggs, dumplings and more with this new hot sauce

We're pretty obsessed with This Thing Now. Here's how to get it into your life.

David Chang always stashes some form of ssäm sauce in Momofuku kitchens across New York City.

Pork belly buns and Benton's bacon-imbued smoky ramen may have stolen the spotlight with diners all these years. However, the back-of-the-house crew has relied on the velvety smooth, sweetly vinegary, gochujang-powered hot sauce for fried chicken, roasted meats and, of course, buns. And now it'll soon be yours.

Starting today, Chang's pantry workhorse is available to purchase at Momofuku's new online store ($7.50). An umami-packed combo of miso, sake, soy sauce and rice vinegar softens the prickly hot edges of gochujang and lends it a creamier finish. And we're smitten. So far, we've been dousing our dumplings in the bright red sauce and giving Tabasco the boot for our usual morning eggs.

But we think Chang would be proudest of our latest application: instant ramen floating in ssäm sauce-enriched broth sans flavor packets.