Dog Days

Give your pooch a healthy, custom-made meal

Sunny spring days mean more time playing in the park with Fido—not playing fetch at the grocery store. 

Make sure your pet is healthy and ready to play this season with Petbrosia, the first pet food that's tailored to your dog's nutritional needs and delivered straight to your door.

Available only online, Petbrosia is as easy as a few clicks, scoring you more time with your furry friend. The best news? TT readers can get 75 percent off Petbrosia pet food by entering code TASTY at checkout.

Veterinarian-developed Petbrosia is custom made by using a breakthrough algorithm that scans your pet's breed, age, gender, weight and activity level and creates a custom food blend made from all-natural, high-quality ingredients. It adjusts as your pet grows, too, meaning the meal blend will update as your pet's health changes. (Now, who's a good algorithm?)

A healthy pooch, pet food right at your doorstep—this is the pet lover's paradise, paws down.