Download The Pickabottle Wine App For Wine Lists In NYC

A wine app that helps you drink better

We're pretty obsessed with This Thing Now. Here's how to get it into your life.

Maybe you're the sort of person who loves getting lost in restaurant wine lists. Or maybe you're just on the hunt for a great bottle that's easy on your wallet.

Either way, Pickabottle is about to make your drinking decisions a whole lot easier.

In short, the Pickabottle app is a wine list database for your phone or mobile device, complete with wine list navigation (read: lots and lots of filters), which makes browsing not only easy but also incredibly addicting. Search for wines at nearby restaurants by style, keyword and vintage. Or narrow down the 1,500-bottle list at your neighborhood wine bar to show your favorite varietal or region and simply set your price range.

For now, the app is best suited to New York City, though it's steadily expanding to other cities. And though the searchable wine list function might not yet be available outside the five boroughs, there are still plenty of recommended restaurants and bars listed in cities like Chicago, Los Angeles, Paris and Tokyo, along with detailed descriptions of their wine programs.

Oh, and did we mention it's totally free?