The Best Shears, Gloves And Planters For An Edible Garden

Here's the dirt on our favorite gardening gear

April is Homegrown Month at Tasting Table.

Mary (and Larry), how does your garden grow? With too much parsley, chiles galore and tomatoes all in a row?

Never mind all that. Whether you're a seasoned green thumb painstakingly nurturing seeds or a newbie hoping something—anything—from your garden will be edible, the right gear helps that bounty along (while looking good, of course).

So whether it's a quaint little home for a basil plant or a no-joke mini greenhouse to extend the growing season, here's what's getting us to the garden.

HomArt Forged Iron Utility Shears ($10 to $13)

Cut your way through any overgrown situation (gardens are a lot of upkeep, folks) with heavy-duty iron shears.

Photo: Courtesy of Bomisch

Scout Regalia Patio Garden ($300)

Even if you have a plentiful backyard, a more manageable planter grants you more control over soil, sunlight exposure and other logistics. And if you don't have that kind of space, it transforms any rooftop or corner of concrete into a garden.

Photo: Courtesy of Scout Regalia

Kaufmann Mercantile Handmade Copper Garden Trowel ($69)

Apparently, copper actually enriches soil and keep pests away. But what we love most about this Australian-made trowel is its sleek, modern design—something you can rarely say about a shovel.

Photo: Courtesy of Kaufmann Mercantile

UncommonGoods Seed Keeper ($19)

If you're going to invest in the best seeds out there, you're going to want the maximum ROI. Organize your collection and keep tabs on when you bought them (they should generally be used within a year) with a proper binder.

Photo: Courtesy of UncommonGoods

Haws Watering Can ($95) and Haws Watering Wand ($85)

The English know a thing or two about gardens, so we're happy to follow their lead with these British-made goods to keep our greens and vegetables hydrated.

Photo: Courtesy of Garden Tool Co.

Barr-Co. Hand Salve ($11)

All that toil and trouble does not lend itself to soft skin. Soothe weary hands with a nongreasy formula that smells of vanilla.

Photo: Courtesy of Bomisch

All-Leather Gauntlet Gloves ($46)

Even better, avoid the problem altogether by suiting up with leather gloves that go halfway up your arm. (There's a style for dudes, too.)

Photo: Courtesy of Womanswork

Copper & Glass Terrarium ($110)

Protect houseplants from blasting A/C (or outdoor plants from the chill come fall) with a mini greenhouse.

Photo: Courtesy of Williams & Sonoma

Copper Nunki Weeder ($59)

Nothing will make weeding fun (sorry), but this handsome, sharp wood-and-cooper tool makes the chore easier and makes for better soil (just like that trowel). 

Beekman 1802 Garden Hod ($75)

When it's time to reap what you've sowed (and we mean that in the best sense), gather your goods in a netted hod, which allows you to shake out all the dirt and bugs before heading to your kitchen.

Photo: Courtesy of Beekman 1802

Sir/Madam Workers Apron ($48)

You never want to be without those iron shears and hand salve. Keep the essentials close (and your lap clean) with a linen-cotton apron.

Photo: Courtesy of Burke Decor

Copper Plant Markers ($18)

Wait, wait. Was that the chocolate mint? Or the lemon verbena? Are you sure that isn't where you planted those heirloom seeds? Keep it all in check with sturdy signs.

Photo: Courtesy of Terrain

Herb Drying Rack ($20)

Instead of living off a bumper crop of herbs at the end of the summer, dry them so you can use them throughout the whole year. Install this rack in your kitchen and grab leaves as you cook.

Photo: Courtesy of Gardener's Supply

DeWit Cultivator ($22)

Once you've weeded, get the soil aerated and ready for seeds (or our preference, sprouted plants) with an old-school cultivator.

Photo: Courtesy of Tierra Garden

Brika Fabric Bucket ($25)

Standard windowsill boxes are a bore. Add flair to your apartment garden by housing your potted herbs (lemon basil, anyone?) in a patterned canvas bucket.

Photo: Courtesy of Brika

Gardenease Kneeler Pad ($30)

We know. It's not the sexiest thing on our list. But you'll thank us after three hours of planting.

Photo: Courtesy of Gardener's Supply Company

Herb Snips ($20)

A leaf of cilantro here, a few leaves of basil there: Enjoy your herbs without destroying the whole plant with extra-sharp blades made for the task.

Photo: Courtesy of Terrain

Rifle Paper Co. Homegrown Garden Kit ($16 for four)

Got your eye on your best pal's harvest? Send not-so-subtle hints that you want in on that little CSA with prettily illustrated cards.

Photo: Courtesy of Rifle Paper Co.

Perch Window Planters ($10 to $58)

Give any space that summer-home vibe with terra-cotta sea creatures that double as planters.

Photo: Courtesy of Anthropologie