Scandinavian Coffee Storage From Budin, Brooklyn

Round out your coffee setup with Scandinavian-inspired gear

We're pretty obsessed with This Thing Now. Here's how to get it into your life.

In an effort to avoid putting things away (my most hated chore), I like to argue leaving everything out on the counter saves time (who wants bother opening a cabinet to get the olive oil?) and that it's a design choice (isn't that salt cellar the cutest?).

And any contraption that supports my lazy rationale is a win. Hence, my affinity for Bú?in's double-duty coffee scoop/bag clip ($25) and filter holder ($45).

The Brooklyn-based, Nordic-inspired coffee shop, which hawks Scandinavian goods in the back of the café, manages to combine big-box gadgetry (the dual combination of scoop and bag clip) with minimalist design, not to mention turning a lowly filter holder (a souped-up napkin holder if we're being honest) into a little geometric delight.

See? Add a wood-rimmed Chemex and you've got yourself a nice little display that never needs to be put away.