Give To The Kickstarter Fund For The Runaway Luxury B&B In Jamaic

Support the Kickstarter fund for this food-centric, luxury B&B in Jamaica

We're pretty obsessed with This Thing Now. Here's how to get it in your life.

No matter how many frozen daiquiris you drink, standard resort food never tastes better. So when Tasting Table alum Kalisa Martin upped and moved to Jamaica to open a luxury B&B focused on local food, we were ready to hop the next flight down.

But before we pack our bags, there are some pesky little details to be dealt with. Namely, funding. Surprising to none, founding a luxe hotel independently costs some money.

And unlike a lot of Kickstarters, where the rewards are questionable or the end product may be a hunk of crap, this one's got something everyone wants: a full-fledged, all-inclusive vacation.

Before you scoff at "all-inclusive," hear us out: The Culinary Runaway ($1,750 and up) gets you five nights, all your meals, a cooking lesson and two off-site dining experiences, like a trip to a nearby organic farm in the mountains. As for those meals we mentioned, all the ingredients are sourced from the best spots around, even if that means multiple trips to different grocery shops, farmers' markets, fisherman's posts and roadside stands.

Better yet, round up seven of your closest friends for the Lovers' Leap Buyout ($5,000 and up), and you'll take over the whole place for six nights and get all three meals every day. (That's about $625 a person, a steal if we ever saw one.)

If you're not ready to dole out a huge chunk of change, go for the Runaway Cooking Experience ($75 and up), which includes The Runaway's digital cookbook and a live cooking demo by Martin.

Looks like you've found the perfect use for that tax refund.