Ball's Purple Heritage Collection Pint Jars

This special edition is the antidote to Mason jar monotony

A person could be forgiven for experiencing a little Mason jar fatigue. They're an excellent, useful vessel, but they're also a casualty of the peak artisanal fetishism of the past few years (must pickle all the things...). It seemed for a while as if you couldn't swing a bunch of ramps without hitting a restaurateur deploying them as both drinking glasses and decor, an Etsy craftster pouring soy wax and wicks into them, or an entrepreneur filling them with hand-spatulaed mayonnaise for one million dollars a pint.

But these are purple! And period-correct, lovely and limited edition, so you can be sure that not every farm-to-table bistro and mixological cocktailporium in town will be slinging heirloom beet shrubs in them this season.

These six-packs of wide-mouth pint jars are the final installment in Ball Canning's Heritage Collection, a three-year celebration of the 100-year anniversary of the Mason jar's technological advancements made by the eponymous Ball brothers from 1913 to 1915. (2013 was blue "Perfect" jars, 2014 was green "Perfection" while 2015's purple is a tribute to the "Improved" jar of the era.) The embossed jars are available via the company's website ($15) and in stores this spring, and when they're gone, put a lid on it. They won't be made again for a while, if ever.

If anything can get you to love Mason jars anew it'll be these purple pints.