Flavour Of Love

Find your next dinner destination

After a billion texts and e-mails, your friends finally found a date that they're all available. The time, nailed down. But the restaurant? No clue.

Say hello to your new dining-out guru, Flavour.

This free iPhone app does all the work for you, curating the best collection of restaurants recommended by chefs, local experts and trustworthy publications.

If you're craving steak frites: Flavour's handy search tool will guide you to the best bistro slinging the classic French dish.

If you're trying to appease the kiddos: The Discover function helps narrow down selections based on dietary needs and kid-friendly hot spots.

If you're looking for something in the neighborhood: Flavour's Nearby map can point you toward a hidden gem.

Bonus: Find Tasting Table's favorite New York City and Chicago restaurants on Flavour. You'll never have to worry about finding the right restaurant for your next big night out again.

It's the perfect way to embrace the "Flavour" of the month.