Critic's Choice

Take Zagat's restaurant survey and get rewarded

You've got an opinion about everything, from the best burger in town to off-the-radar neighborhood gems. Your friends all ask you for a personalized list of recommendations, and now Zagat wants you to unleash your inner critic.

Share your reviews on Zagat's NYC Restaurant Survey and let the hungry masses benefit from your expertise. Dish on that less-than-stellar meal or write passionate prose about that luxe roasted chicken with crepes.

Once you weigh in, Zagat will send you a free copy of their 2016 New York City Restaurants Guide, and you'll immediately receive free access to The New York Times for eight weeks.

Busy people, you're in luck: You don't have to complete the full Zagat survey in one sitting. You can rate a few, dash out for dinner and return to add more later.

Don't the people deserve to know?