This Thing Now: @DollarPizzaSliceNYC On Instagram

Your daily inspiration to #livefasteatpizza

It's no secret we love pizza—but New Yorker Francisco Balagtas is giving us a run for our money. His email signature lists his title as "CEO – Cheese Slice Executive Officer." He can (and does) take down a hefty slice in four to five bites. And he's partway through a two-year journey to sample and rate every dollar-pizza joint in New York City via his Instagram account, @DollarPizzaSliceNYC.

You might think pizza is all fun and games, but Balagtas is purely scientific when it comes to rating the slices. He gives the slice three individual scores based on the sauce, cheese and crust trifecta; tests the fold; measures the grease content; and analyzes the result of every bite. He then shares the findings with his hungry followers via the most detailed and appreciated captions we've ever read, many creative hashtags and an overall stamp of approval or disapproval.

Balagtas also throws spontaneous pizza parties to thank his followers, keeping his word that the #pizzabilitiesareendless—which, incidentally, is our new TT motto.