Salad Love Cookbook By David Bez - Healthy Lunch

See how a salad each workday can toss boredom away

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Far too often (and especially at this time of year), a salad can seem like a perfunctory, paltry roadblock on the way to the main course. Not on David Bez's watch. Over the past four years, the graphic designer has crafted more than 1,000 different versions, right in his office, and documented them on his blog, Salad Pride. More than 200 of his favorites, including the winter-friendly Chorizo, Chili Manchego & Roasted Sweet Potato; Pink Grapefruit, Avocado & Cabbage Quinoa; and Blue Cheese, Kale & Artichokes can be found in Salad Love: Crunchy, Savory, and Filling Meals You Can Make Every Day ($25), Bez's first cookbook, which comes out today.

Need a little pep talk? Mr. Salad Love, himself, tells us: "There are plenty of salads that will warm you up even with the coldest weather—especially if you toss them in a chile or gingery dressing. There are also plenty of salads that will fill you up with grains and not just leaves. Salads packed with veggies and fruits will also keep your immune system strong enough to fight any cold or flu."

And however you dress it up, good health is always in season.