Tatty Devine Citrus Jewelry

Brighten your day with an a-peeling necklace from the British cult jeweler

Winter. We're in it up to our necks. And while I'm trying my best to make lemonade (sledding and cocoa are...fun, right?), the endless days of gray skies and soggy boots can sometimes make it feel like the sun is a distant memory.

That's why I am especially delighted by the reveal of Tatty Devine's new citrus necklace and earring collection. I'm a longtime fan of the cult jeweler's poppy Plexiglas renditions of food items and the notion of unwinding my scarf to reveal a bright, juicy, etched wedge of lemon, lime or orange seems like a little slice of summer in the midst of the tundra. Yup, the small ($38.50) and large ($69) necklaces and earrings ($38.50) have to be ordered all the way from London, but the wait is worth it to squeeze a little color into my day.