Buy Noma Tokyo Custom Bowls, Plates And Serveware

Last chance for the pop-up's plates, bowl and mugs

If you were part of the tiny, lucky handful of people who jet-setted to Tokyo for René Redzepi's two-month Noma pop-up, well, this sale isn't for you. If you're part of the hordes of food fans who didn't get a taste of the acclaimed chef's Japanese-inspired dishes, this is your last chance to get your hands on some of the remaining tableware from the pop-up.

All of the bowls, plates, serving vessels and flatware were designed and crafted by Japanese artisans for the pop-up. Ebony chopsticks ($65) may not allow you to pick up the langoustine on a bed of rice speckled with black ants that diners enjoyed, but they will feel great in your hands. A red-colored plate from an organic lacquerer will set you back $320, but you can serve every part of that wild bird on it. And if you need a place to stash all these items, look no further than this handcrafted shelving unit by Wahl&Ross ($1,750).