Heritage Radio Network Launches Cereal Podcast

Download this, ahem, serial podcast celebrating everyone's favorite breakfast

Cereal might be one of the great equalizers in the food world (and the regular world). Ask anyone about their favorite cereal, and their eyes will light up as they yammer on and on about how Cap'n Crunch got them through fourth grade.

Ben Robinson, the editorial director at Thrillist, knows this. He's also a cereal fanatic and a mostly hilarious guy who knows how damn funny it would be to launch a podcast that's a pun of Serial, a massively popular program you've heard of unless you've been living under a rock. (Disclaimer: Ben is also a friend.)

So, now there's Cereal, a weekly podcast produced by the Heritage Radio Network. In each episode, Robinson and a guest from the food world wax poetic about—and eat a bowl of—the guest's favorite cereal. It kicks off with Brooklyn's Do or Dine chef Justin Warner, whose father ran away from home when he was a kid, because his own dad wouldn't let him eat Wheaties for dinner. The duo geeks out about Golden Grahams—seriously, there are comments like, "I overestimated its fight against the milk"—but for a conversation that's about packaged foods, it's pretty entertaining stuff.

Next up is editor A.J. Daulerio on Grape-Nuts—a divisive choice, for sure. I can't say I'm a fan, but the podcast Kix butt.