The Best Restaurants And Bars For Breaking Up In Miami 2015 | Tasting Table MIA

The best bars and restaurants for a breakup

Nothing says "this relationship was meaningless" like a breakup at the corner fast-casual spot.

So we've rounded up six restaurants for different scenarios to help you say "so long" to your significant other the right way—and enjoy delicious food and drink in the process.

For the thoughtful split: Touché, Downtown

The grim Downtown backdrop should be a hint of the impending doom of your relationship. But look at the bright side, considering there are two ways in which the night could end for the brokenhearted. If you're the dumpee, head across the street to dark watering cocktail hole The Corner, where creatures of the night come out of the woodwork to continue tippling till sunrise (or till they get lucky), or downstairs to adult entertainment club E11even, and you can let your imagination do the rest.

For an accessible rebound: American Social, Brickell

Brickell has its upside. The neighborhood nightlife is renowned for its yuppie crowds of bros and Barbie dolls looking to score. Coincidentally, the second outpost of American Social has become a bit of a hub for said interactions, so let your shorty down easy over the flatbread topped with red wine-braised beef short rib, butter roasted mushrooms, goat cheese, pickled red onions, Cerignola olives and Parmesan cheese ($19). Then head to the bar, where the rebound is just a couple of tequila shots away. Cheers!

For a beautiful distraction: Ted's at YoungArts, Edgewater

Life is beautiful, regardless of whether or not your fling survived the test of time. That's exactly how it'll feel at the new restaurant of the National YoungArts Foundation. Designed by world-renowned architect Frank Gehry, the space offers panoramic citywide views and features immersive 360-degree HD video projection, from which you'll enjoy various types of visual and performing arts such as dance, photography, video installations, live jazz and spoken word throughout your meal. Such a dramatic setting will remind all parties involved that there's beauty in the breakdown—and can be a welcomed distraction from the news that's being delivered.

For a novel-worthy parting of the ways: The Café at Books & Books at the Adrienne Arsht Center, Downtown

There's nothing more cliché than meeting up for coffee because "we need to talk." And even though we are sure the other B&B destinations have seen the dissolve of many a great romance, we particularly like the new location, because it has a liquor license and a decked-out bar (let's face it, when did coffee ever do the trick?). We hear soon it'll have cocktails inspired by great writers. Chug down that Victor Hugo and buy yourself a ticket to the Miami Symphony Orchestra's Golden Sounds from Hollywood, because it's bound to get emotional.

For the inevitable scene: GiGi, Midtown

If you know that your partner has a bit of a temper, we recommend incredibly loud and bustling GiGi to set the scene for the impending fiasco. The restaurant is used to seeing loud patrons and drunken crowds coming and going for late-night munchies, so it won't be anything the staff aren't accustomed to or can't handle. People will be minding their own loud and obnoxious business. Try to soothe the tension with a peace offering of the popular mini soft-serve cone ($1).

For revenge seekers: The Forge, Miami Beach

There comes a time in everyone's life that the breakup is caused because the other person was a royal arse. This usually entails some form of cheating, and for this, we recommend going out in style at The Forge. This institution of fine dining will leave an abyss in anyone's wallet, so savor the meal till the last bite of that $120 40-ounce dry-aged prime tomahawk chop for two, then stick it to your now-insignificant other by pulling a bathroom exit. Before you walk out, just make sure you tell the waiter that the table is ready for the check.