Chef Camille Becerra Takes Over Tasting Table's Instagram Feed

Chef Camille Becerra takes over Tasting Table's Instagram feed

Sometimes you just want to know everything about someone—not in a creepy way, of course.

Case in point: Navy chef Camille Becerra. We know where she hangs out in Downtown NYC, and now we've got a firsthand glimpse into a day in the life of the former Top Chef contestant and food stylist.

We can tell you this much: She's very cool and eats a soft-boiled egg with an English muffin and Tomme cheese to start the day. Want to know more? Right this way.

My ideal breakfast at home: soft-boiled egg with an English muffin and Tomme cheese. — @CamilleBecerra 

When I arrive at work, I have some coffee and a snack. We have fine pastries at @NavyNewYork for those making a morning drive-by. — @CamilleBecerra

Daily fish arrives at @NavyNewYork. — @CamilleBecerra

My favorite meal of the day: lunch. A salad of escabeche with mahi, parsnips, winter lettuces, an egg and a swoosh of sardine mayo always hits the spot. — @CamilleBecerra

One of my favorites at @NavyNewYork: the crunchy winter salad of roasted carrots, endives, turnips and pistachios. — @CamilleBecerra

Flatbread prep for our lamb chop dish at @NavyNewYork. On the side, our house za'atar made with cumin, coriander and flaxseed. — @CamilleBecerra

Ready to cook at @NavyNewYork. — @CamilleBecerra