Creature Comforts

Revisit childhood favorites like mac n' cheese and impress your company with beloved classics. After all, the holidays are all about cozy comfort.

Finger food:

Hey, Chex Mix? We love you but you needed a little help, so we added some duck fat and smoked salt. You can sit at the grown-up table now.

First course:

Add this panko-crusted and cheddar cheese-laden mac n' cheese to the dinner table and watch it quickly disappear.

Main course:

Go hardcore with a coriander, oregano and black pepper crusted prime rib. Then get even more serious with a Grand Marnier-spiked sauce for drizzling.


These mashed potatoes full of savory onion salt, sour cream and Parmesan cheese are pure carb heaven.


A cinnamon apple cake befits the season. By all means, top your slice with vanilla ice cream.